Jarrett Skaddisson is a native of the Midwestern US, an accomplished musician and composer and an avid linguist, philosopher, author, researcher, mountain climber, spelunker and tea enthusiast. He lived in the Orient for several years as a child and has traveled to more than 30 countries for mission work, performance tours and good, old-fashioned adventures. His favorite pastimes are reading, writing, making music, learning languages, eating exotic foods, doing improv comedy, impressions and engaging in a wide variety of shenanigans. He and his wife Michelle, to whom he has been married for more than ten years, are celebrating the birth of their first child, Fritz. Jarrett can be contacted via email at jarrettskaddisson@gmail.com or through his Facebook page, http://facebook.com/TheKingblade Chronicles. He also has a Twitter and you can follow him at @AradisKingblade.